This one is for Madison.

IMAGINE you’re Harry’s girfriend. It’s a rainy day. You’re running home and yuo’re all wet. Harry was spoofing you and was telling you : ‘Babe you look like a wet cat’.

You : “Harry, please.”

Harry : “But I LOVE cats.”

You : “Oh babe, you’re always so cute.”

Harry : “Let me kiss you in the pouring rain”.

You were kissing while it was raining. You went home. You were taking your cloths off in order to change them. Immediatly, Harry came and touched your bum. He looked at you. You looked at him. You kissed each other and jumped in bed. He was kissing you while touching your boobs. You were having the time of your life. He took off his pants.

You : “Harry, you’re a sex beast.”

Harry didn’t talk ‘cuz he was to busy fucking you. You were touching his sexy back and he was kissing your kneck while embracing you. Then you were both cumming.

Harry : “I LOVE YOU”

You : “I LOVE YOU TOO.” 

Anonymous said: Hi I love your blog! my name is Madison could I have an imagine with Harry <3 that would be amazing :)

ok Madison. :) 


This one if for Cassie.

IMAGINE you are on vacation. School’s out and you went to the beach with your friends. You’re having a great time at the beach, swimming, playing tennis etc.

The beach was not even crowded. Your friends got tired and you went to eat something at the local restaurant. You ordered something and then sat on your chairs. You were sitting next to the window and were having a great view of the seaside. 

Suddenly, you heard something. You turned to the window a saw a huge van. You were surprised ‘cuz you realised it was ONE DIRECTION. Harry came out the van. Your friends went crazy. You saw Harry taking off his cloths and wearing his swimmsuit. 

You went out of the restaurant. You went to the beach. Each. :) HAHA (Nicki Minaj lyrics btw). You wore your swimmsuit and jumped in the sea. You were swimming near Harry and wanted to impress him. He was starring at you. You went underwater and didn’t come back. You pretended you can’t breath. Harry came and pulled you out.

He took you out of the sea. He was trying to bring you in life but you were just pretending. He kissed you. You woke up and saw Harry upon you. You were smiling and he was shocked. You said you want him to take you to your hotel room ‘cuz you’re too shocked to walk. He took you to your room. 

You said that he could stay with you, have some coffee, thank him for saving you and watch TV afterwords. He said ok. He sat on your bed and you went to the toilet. You had a bath while he was glimpsing behind the door. 

He came in and took his cloths off. He got into the shower. You were having a bath together. He touched your face while you were playing with his cock. He started kissing you and put his cock into your vag. You were having a good time and then he started fucking with you. You were both moaning : “AHHHHHHH”.

You got down on your knees. He pulled your hair back and you he asked for a blowjob. You finished and went to sleep.

He hugged you and you slept into his arms. :) 

Anonymous said: hii i really like your imagines, think you could make me a dirty one with Harry, my name is Cassie. ^-^

ok Cassie :) 

p-aranoia-s said: haha it's Graziela, thank you again, I'll promote you ok ?

Anonymous said: hahaha thank you sweetheart ! Really dirty *-* /graziela

hahaha thank you too. i would appreciate it if you could promote me on fb or twitter. thanks. 


This one if for Graziela.

IMAGINE you are in their concert. You are in the front row. What Makes You Beautiful is playing and Niall is starring at you. You can’t believe it. You greet him and shows you his tongue. You were screaming and happy. The concert was over and you went backstage to meet Niall.

Niall : Come in.

Graziela : I LOVEEEE YOU

Niall : Oh, I love you too. Would you like to have dinner with me?

Graziela : YES!

You went for dinner at McDonald’s.

You ate cheeseburgers and then you went to the WC. Niall came right after you.

You were washing your hands and he pushed his cock on your bum. You said : “Niall not now”. He took off his pants and you took off your cloths. He put his big cock in your vag. You were having a  great time. He touched your ass while you were moaning  ”AHHHH”. Then you went home.

He pushed you on the bed. He jumped on you and started fucking you. You were enjoying it. Then you licked his penis. He pulled your hair while you were both cumming and screaming : “AHHHHH AHH AHHHH”. 

Anonymous said: can you do one for me ? My name is graziela I want with Niall please ? A dirty one *-*

ok Graziela. :) 

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